Lean Six Sigma Training

Can be tailored to your business requirements

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Learn what Six Sigma is, how it has developed, what it means to your business and how to make the DMAIC structure work for you.

  • Understand the background and application of Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn how to apply Six Sigma principles to different business areas
  • Understand the DMAIC process and how it can improve your business
  • Gain an overview of why Six Sigma works and the belt system
  • Work through processes and understand recommendations
  • Improve time and performance management
  • Gain recognition and share knowledge


“very detailed approach and introduction to project management terminology”

“I liked the real-life scenarios drawn from the presenter’s experience”

“small group exercises – very well done, learned a lot; instructor is great!”

“Anita made the concepts very clear with relative examples; Upbeat and positive.”

“Great communicator, efficient, flexible; Anita is fantastic! I’d take all courses taught by her!”

“very attentive to questions; very useful; high-pace session; very energetic environment”

“Practical and helpful and realistic; great examples/stories that help make all the theory/content real.”

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Coming Soon)

“Exercises were excellent; fresh content and new material!”

“The planning activity couldn’t have made things any clearer. As a junior employee, I now feel empowered/equipped with the necessary tools and language to set it up.” 

“great structure of material; well explained; very clear and concise; extremely organized”  

 “Great energy and focus. An excellent primer for PM.” 

 “Leader was excellent. The fact that she had many real life examples, added to her credibility. An efficient use of time, I wouldn't change a thing.”

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